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Winners Announced!

May 5, 2017

We are pleased to announce the winners of the 22nd annual Queer Studies Award and 10th annual Women’s and Gender Studies Award:

Queer Studies Prize:

  • Winning Essay: Quelle Surprise!
    • Winner: Sona Quigley GS '18

Women’s and Gender Studies Prize:

  • Winning Essay: The Separate Spheres Argument Against Women's Jury Service: A Review of the Literature
    • Winner: Rebecca Fisher CC '17

This year, we are also offering an honorable mention for both prizes. These students/essays are:

  • Queer Studies Prize Honorable Mention: No Homo, No Hetero: On the American Queer Lexicon and Indigenous Redefinition
    • Name: Claire Chen CC '17
  • Women’s and Gender Studies Prize Honorable Mention: Refiguring the Romantic Body: Chinese Women Pianists in the American Conservatory
    • Name: Audrey Vardenega CC ‘17