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IRWGS Essay Prize Winners Announced!

Congratulations to Poorvi Bellur (CC ’19, History), winner of the 12th annual IRWGS Women’s and Gender Studies Award for “Disjointed narratives: Tracing the history of purity, nationalism and gender in South Indian dance in the early 20th century,” and Sandra Goldstein Lehnert (CC ’19, Comparative Literature & Society), winner of the 24th annual IRWGS Queer Studies Award for “Sex, Text, Self: Euphuism and Re/Con/Figuration in Lyly’s Gallathea.” We interviewed the students to learn more about their work and their plans for the future.     1. What inspired you to focus on your topic for this submission? I have been a student of
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IRWGS 2018 Essay Prize Winners

Congratulations to Edward Alexander Crouse (CC ’18 and History major), winner of the 23rd annual IRWGS Women’s and Gender Studies Award for “Sylvia on Trial: Sedition, Censorship and Civil Liberties in 1921,” Sadie Yudkin (BC ’18 and Ethnomusicology major), winner of the 11th annual IRWGS Queer Studies Award for “The Future is Here, It’s Queer: Contemporary New York City Music Scenes as Queer Theory in Practice and Praxis,” and Clara Beccaro (CC’ 19 and Women and Gender Studies major) winner of the 1st annual Feminist to the Core Essay Award for “(M)adam and (St)eve: Queer Theory in Paradise Lost”. We interviewed the
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