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Co-sponsor; LIGHT Film Premiere and Panel Discussion

April 11, 2017 - 5:00pm - 8:00pm
Casa Hispanica, Columbia University


"LIGHT" (2017), 57 minutes

by Lenora Lee and Tatsu Aoki 

in association with Lenora Lee Productions, Innocent Eyes and Lenses Films, and Asian Improv aRts powered by Asian Improv Nation


Inspired by the life of Bessie M. Lee (–b. 1894 - 1955), who, after migrating to New York City, spent two years in indentured servitude, “Light” is a film in which dance, memory, music and poetry collide in a visual and aural landscape; a meditation on women being propelled into the unknown by courage and faith to risk their lives and everything they have for freedom.  In “Light”, Aoki and Lee highlight the lives of women, including Bessie M. Lee, who through the resilience and triumph over unimaginable experiences, were grounding forces in the creation of the New York Chinatown community in the early 1900s.