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Hikari Hori

hh2104's picture
Title Assistant Professor
Department Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures
Email hh2104@columbia.edu
Biography Japanese Film, Visual Culture Studies, Gender Studies, and Feminist and Critical Theories

Hikari Hori received her Ph. D. in gender studies and Japanese visual cultural studies from Gakushuin University, Tokyo, in 2004. She has worked as a research associate at the National Film Center, Tokyo, and also as a film program coordinator at the Japan Society, New York. Her current research interests include the representation of the Emperor in modern Japanese visual culture; a history of women's activism in modern Japan; war, state and gender represented in arts and film; the representation of sexuality and film censorship; and shojo manga in Asia. Recent publications include: "Aging, Gender and Sexuality in Japanese Popular Culture: Female Pornographer Sachi Hamano and Her Film "Lily Festival" (Yurisai), " in Matsumoto, ed. Faces and Masks (Stanford University Press, forthcoming); "Oshima Nagisa's ‘Ai no korida' Reconsidered: Law, Gender, and Sexually Explicit Film in Japanese Cinema," in Creekmur and Sidel, eds., Cinema, Law and the State in Asia (Palgrave, 2007); "Written by a Woman's Body: Atsugi Taka and Wartime Representation of Women," in Saito and Yomota, eds., Nihon eigashi sosho (Shinwasha, 2006); "Migration and Transgression: Female Pioneers' Documentary Filmmaking in Japan," Asian Cinema Journal Vol. 11 (2005).