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John Robinson-Appels

Title Adjunct Assistant Professor
Department English-Compar Lit
Email jr2168@columbia.edu
Phone +1 212 854 4780
Address 602 Philosophy
Mail Code: 4927
United States
Biography Ph.D in Comparative Literature, CUNY; M.A. in Poetry, Antioch; M.A. in Music, Mills. Lecturer, Cornell School of Visual Arts. Robinson-Appels is the recipient of two Fulbright Fellowships, including a year in residence at the Institute of Philosophy and the Husserl Archives in Belgium. He specializes in early twentieth-century modernism, particularly the effects of abstraction on literature, dance, theatre, music, painting, architecture, and physics. He also works on gay and lesbian theory, particularly seen through the phenomenological analysis, and issues in the medicalization of AIDS. Articles in Flash Art, Tableau, Artforum, Arts, the Yale Journal of Criticism,Contemporary Artists, Contemporary Masterworks. Poems in Green Zero, Epoch, Caryatid, Odessa Poetry Review. Robinson-Appels is the Artistic Director and choreographer of Company Appels which he founded in 1979 as a vehicle to research bodily poetics. The Company has toured 17 countries on 3 continents and currently consists of dancers from New York City Ballet and American Ballet Theatre.