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Rosalind C. Morris

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Title Professor
Department Anthropology
Email rcm24@columbia.edu
Phone +1 212 854 4719
Address 859 Schermerhorn Ext
Mail Code: 5540
United States

Rosalind Morris focuses her fieldwork in two main areas: Thailand and South Africa. Over the past decade, she has devoted her attention to thinking about a number of inter-related issues and questions concerning: the history of modernity in Southeast Asia and the place of the mass media in its development; the relationships between value and violence; the sexualization of power and desire; the theorization of gender; and the history of anthropological thought and social theory. In her writings on all of these issues, she attends to questions of representation. Her writings include monographs on spirit mediumship and the mass media in Northern Thailand, the archive of visual anthropology, and the afterlife of apartheid in South Africa’s mining towns. Other essays have addressed the history of fetishism, the violence of culture in anthropological theory, translation and radicalism, mediatic war, photography and its discontents, sex, gender and sexuality, and art in South Africa. She is a former Director of the Institute for Research on Women, Gender, and Sexuality; the Associate Director of the Center for Comparative Literature and Society; and the former co-editor of CONNECT: art, politics, theory, culture.

Representative Publications:

1994. New Worlds from Fragments: Film, Ethnography and the Representation of Northwest Coast Cultures (Boulder: Westview Press).

1995. “ALL MADE UP: ‘ALL MADE UP: Performance Theory and the New Anthropology of Sex and Gender.’ Annual Review of Anthropology 24:567-92.

1998. ‘Surviving Pleasure at the Periphery: Chiang Mai and the Photographies of Political Trauma in Thailand, 1976-1992’, Public Culture 25:341-70.

1998. ‘Educating Desire: Thailand, Transnationalism, Transgression’, Social Text 52-53:53-79.

2000. In the Place of Origins: Modernity and its Mediums in Northern Thailand (Durham: Duke University Press).

2004. ‘Intimacy and Corruption in Thailand’s Age of Transparency,’ in Off Stage, On Display: Intimacy and Ethnography in the Age of Public Culture, edited by Andrew Shryock. Stanford: Stanford University, pp.225-43.

2005. ‘Fetishism: Overview’. In New Dictionary of the History of Ideas, edited by Maryanne Cline Horowitz, Vol II, Detroit: Charles Scribner's Sons, pp.822-826.

In press. ‘The Mute and the Unspeakable: Political Subjectivity, Violent Crime, and ‘the Sexual Thing’ in a South African Mining Community,’ in Law and Disorder in the Postcolony, edited by Jean and John Comaroff. University of Chicago Press.