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The Institute for Research on Women, Gender, and Sexuality runs a wide range of lectures, events and programs including:

Feminist To The Core

Feminist to the Core is a lecture series that puts feminists in conversation with the Columbia Core, inspiring new ways of seeing and thinking about the texts that are at the heart of the Columbia experience.

Multiple Feminist to the Core lectures are scheduled throughout the academic year. Past speakers have included:

  • Judith Butler
  • Farah Griffin
  • Julie Crawford
  • Elizabeth Castelli
  • Nancy Worman
  • Helen Foley
  • Katharina Volk
  • Teodolinda Barolini
  • Jean Howard





Gender & Justice

Gender Justice is a series of events that focus on the idea of justice relating to men, women and current legal issues. Presented with the Columbia University Law School.        



Embodiments of Science

Embodiments of Science brings together scholars of science and science practitioners to explore the history of present scientific approaches to bodies, identities, and destinies, and to critically discuss the social and political dimensions of neurological, genetic, and epigenetic interventions.



Queer Futures

Queer Futures is a new series that invites Queer Studies scholars to discuss the future of queerness relating to the body, gender, femininity, masculinity and American society.