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Posthuman Feminism with Rosi Braidotti

Professor Rosi Braidotti (Columbia University Visiting Professor, Distinguished University Professor at Utrecht University and founding Director of the Centre for the Humanities) 

Rosi Braidotti is an incredibly influential contemporary philosopher and feminist. She is largely heralded as pioneer of European Women's Studies.

This lecture will address the so-called ‘post-human’ turn in contemporary feminist theory in the light of three main considerations: firstly the shifting perception and understanding of ‘the human’ in the Life sciences. Secondly the effects of globalization as a system that functions by instilling process of ‘timeless time’ and perverse, multiple time-lines. Thirdly, the impact of inhuman factors like wars and conflicts in contemporary governmentality and the new forms of discrimination they engender on a planetary scale. Last but not least, lecture examines the implications of this historical context for progressive, affirmative politics in general and gender and feminist issues in particular.