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Non-Tenure Track Faculty

IRWGS Statement on Non-Tenure-Track faculty

Non-Tenure-Track teachers are a crucial part of teaching at Columbia, including IRWGS.

IRWGS seeks to be on the forefront of establishing equitable working conditions for our NTT colleagues, particularly in terms of hiring, establishing and communicating rights and responsibilities, and clarifying and regularizing the security of their employment and the remuneration for it. Based on the recommendations outlined in the MLA’s 2011 paper on “Professional Employment Practices for Non-Tenure-Track Faculty Members: Recommendations and Evaluative Questions,” we make the following recommendations:

1. IRWGS needs to establish clear procedures for hiring NTT faculty, including last minute hires. NTT faculty will be hired by a committee composed of the Director, the Associate Director, and one additional faculty member from the EC.  They will consider course descriptions, teaching evaluations, quality of scholarship, and a personal interview before making a decision.

2. IRWGS NTT faculty will be paid a minimum of $7000 per course, a sum that exceeds Columbia’s standard NTT compensation.

3. The IRWGS Director, in conversation with the appropriate University Offices should inform all NTT instructors about their responsibilities, benefits, and rights (including grievance procedures) in an official letter.

4. The IRWGS Director will offer performance reviews, at the end of the semester, or year, depending upon the appointment.

5. NTT faculty will be invited to all IRWGS events and will be integrated into the intellectual life of the Institute.

6. NTT faculty teaching on a regular basis, three or more years, may be invited to serve on the EC and on subcommittees.


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