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Gil Hochberg is Ransford Professor of Hebrew and Comparative Literature, and Middle East Studies at Columbia University. Her research focuses on the intersections among psychoanalysis, postcolonial theory, nationalism, gender and sexuality. She has published essays on a wide range of issues including: Francophone North African literature, Palestinian literature, the modern Levant, gender and nationalism, cultural memory and immigration, memory and gender, Hebrew Literature, Israeli and Palestinian Cinema, Mediterraneanism, Trauma and Narrative.

``I often like to talk about feminism not as something that adheres to bodies, not as something grounded in gendered bodies, but as an approach -- as a way of conceptualizing, as a methodology, as a guide to strategies for struggle``.

Angela Davis


01feb12:15 pm2:00 pmFGM: A Human Rights Issue?

07feb4:00 pmBODILY: The Immigrant Body in the Court of Judgment with Amitava Kumar

14feb12:00 pm2:00 pmAn Archeology of Sensations: A Queer Genealogy of Modernism as a Catastrophe with Denilson LopesIRWGS Theory Salon

28feballday01maralldayQueer Disruptions III


28feballday01maralldayQueer Disruptions III

12mar4:30 pmAffective Archives: An Evening of Experimental Palestinian

13mar4:30 pmBODILY: Conversation between Jordy Rosenberg and Julietta Singh

25mar6:15 pm8:15 pmTransnational Feminist Futures

28mar6:00 pm8:00 pmMedea on Trial: A Conversation with Margaret Atwood and Lisa Dwan


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